Sequencing Platform


The Genome Decoding Program (GDP) will use the BGISEQ platform to complete the sequencing work. BGISEQ-500 is a desktop, high-throughput, one-stop, open source sequencing platform independently developed by BGI. With the optional automatic library preparation system and fully automated sample loading system, the completion cycle from sequencing to results can be reduced to within 24 hours.

BGISEQ-500 is an innovative high-throughput sequencing solution, developed by BGI’s Complete Genomics subsidiary in Silicon Valley.

The system is powered by combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS), PatternArray technology and DNA Nanoballs (DNB™) technology, followed by high-resolution digital imaging. The combination of linear amplification and DNB technology reduces the error rate while enhancing the signal. The size of the DNB is controlled in such a way that only one DNB is bound per active site on the BGISEQ-500 flow cell. This densely patterned array technology provides optimal sequencing accuracy and increases flow cell utilization.


TBased on the technique from combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS) and DNA Nanoballs (DNB) sequencing,BGISEQ-50 is a sharp, dedicated and smart high-throughput sequencing platform. It adopts high precision parts and has a built-in independent sample reagent loading reservoir and full-automatic reagent needle penetration system. The simplified structure can realize multiple automatic functions, including sample loading, sequencing and data analyzing. The compact size makes it easier to be placed. It has specific applicability for basic sequencing projects in clinical and scientific research. Furthermore, it accommodates operation even under low-pressure environment at high altitude.


MGISP-100 is a sample preparation system for next-generation sequencing used in laboratory that can replace manual operation and enable automated library preparation. It supports automated library building for up to 16 samples in one run, and is compatible with all sequencing platforms of MGI. At present, MGISP-100 can support automated library building process for NIFTY, PGS and rapid pathogen test, and automatedlibrary building processes for more applications will be rolled out gradually.


MGISEQ-200 is a miniature sequencer that transcends geographical restrictions. MGISEQ-200 adopts a whole new biochemical system design to support rapid sequencing in various different reads modes.


MGISEQ-2000 adopts a novel chip system that supports various modes of sequencing and is integrated with optimally designed optical and biochemical systems to execute the sequencing process within a relatively shorter time for a more streamlined sequencing experience for the user.

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