GDP(Genome Decode Program)

Since the Human Genome Project the sequencing industry has seen developments in many related areas, including sequencing technology, data storage, and analytics. In just 20 years, BGI has made genetic data acquisition and interpretation easier, which has undoubtedly promoted and accelerated scientific breakthrough. Many new discoveries are already subverting our previously held biological knowledge. For example, the results from the ENCODE project showed that many disease-related mutations are located in non-coding genes, which had previously been ignored by scientists whose focus had been on the exon regions. Further research based on decoding genomes holds the possibility to open the door to even more substantial discovery and knowledge.

BGI’s propriety sequencing platform has been tested and used in several trial projects to attain international sequencing quality and production capacity. Coupled with the advanced information analysis capabilities of BGI Online, BGI has the world's largest sequencing base and the ability to perform genome-wide sequencing services quickly and confidently.

The Genome Decoding Project will provide researchers with a highly accurate and cost-effective genome sequencing service and a one-stop scientific research solution. As a leader in the biotech industry, BGI is committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by helping everyone understand and decode their own genetic information.